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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps you understand your own personality and the patterns of behavior of others. We each have behavioral preferences and those preferences influence how we interact with one another every day, at work and at home. With MBTI you gain personal insight into yourself and others, enabling better decision making, communication, and team dynamics.


MBTI coaching available for corporations, teams, individuals & families.

Purpose, Vision, Values, Mission & Principles:

Facilitated workshop that guides all stakeholders to defining the cultural core of the company.

Conduct Code:

Production of a Conduct Code written within the framework of the company's culture and meeting compliance requirements for industry.

Strategy & Goal Setting:

Workshop focused on defining strategy and establishing goalposts to that end.


Organizational Structure & Job Definition:

Establishing a structure that aligns with strategy and fosters positive company culture and with job descriptions built around work scope.

Change Management:

Creating and executing on a transition plan inclusive of all stakeholders voices, leadership's direction, and aligned to company culture.

MBTI Workshop:

Administer and compile results Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality test and lead workshop to understand results for self and team.

Team Building:

Variety of activities & workshops designed to strengthen team dynamics aligned to company culture. eg. scavenger hunts, skill building, challenge based

SMART Goals:

Workshop providing a concrete goal setting framework for teams.

Continuous Improvement:

Workshop focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement via a process oriented framework.


Custom building, delivery and analysis of employee surveys from employees engagement to 360 reviews and more.


Custom event building designed around event goals.

MBTI Coaching:

Use results of Myers Briggs Type Indicator Level 2 to coach leaders in better understanding of self and to excel leveraging their 

personality type.



Creating a ethical framework aligned to company culture and legal compliance.

Cross-Cultural Awareness:

Gaining awareness of differing cultures values, perceptions and beliefs focused on improving communication.


Focus on perception bias and how it influences communication,expectations and results.

Sexual Harassment:

Hostile culture awareness rooted in focus on body language, facial cues and micro-expressions.

New Leader:

Focus on challenge of transition to people management from peer relationships.

Board of Directors:

On-boarding of new BODs in understanding roles and responsibilities.