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Fendell Ventures guides companies and individuals to achieve sustainable growth through targeted programs focusing on teams, leaders, and events. With offerings that include leadership development, mentoring, team building & bonding, together with employee engagement programs, both employers and employees will learn effective tools to maximize their potential. The Fendell Ventures team is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, helping leaders and teams understand their own personality and behavior patterns, as well as providing coaching on how to use this knowledge to enable better decision-making.

Co-founded by sisters, Eliza Fendell and Rebecca Crawford, Fendell Ventures embodies their passion for people, combining their skill sets to bring a depth of knowledge and experience driving to successful outcomes. As third-generation entrepreneurs, Eliza and Rebecca grew up in Costa Rica steeped in the values that build success: creating trust, building relationships, and embracing change. The sisters carried these values through their two differing career paths in the corporate and non-profit worlds.  Despite the differences, Eliza and Rebecca were passionate drivers for building culture, engagement and leadership in their organizations. Together, through Fendell Ventures, Eliza and Rebecca bring that passion to illuminate your path to success!




  1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.



eliza a. fendell

I'm a natural collaborator and consensus builder. My passion for people and processes is my motivation and inspiration for helping leaders build strong, fulfilled teams by providing frameworks and structure to build upon. With a background in driving organizational culture in entrepreneurial ventures, I help people discover themselves and achieve success.

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We grew up together in San Jose, Costa Rica in a family built by entrepreneurial souls.  We're bilingual & bicultural and we really get diverse teams. We know how hard you work and we'll work just as hard for you. 


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rebecca fendell crawford

I’m a detail-oriented, problem solver who is the first to make sure your team is aligned, goals are set, and all tasks are on point. Working in education and non-profits has taught me how to work strategically, build consensus, and dig deep into what is really important. With that in hand, I can develop engaging learning programs and design stellar events that bring your ideas to full light.

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  1. emotional commitment to the organization and its goals.






  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

  2. Someone whose vision inspires followers.